Water is one of our most precious resources—essential for the good health and well-being of all people. With ever-increasing urban populations, however, water utilities worldwide are struggling to provide clean water and sanitation to their consumers. High levels of water loss in distribution networks known as Non-Revenue Water (NRW) is a large part of the problem. Yet, reducing NRW can be challenging. Often, utility leaders do not have access to information about the causes and cost of NRW and the preemptive steps that can be taken to reduce it.

Tata Consultancy Services' (TCS') Intelligent Water Management Application–part of our Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) suite--enables NRW reduction performance management to help utilities and water networks proactively manage water loss and ensure safe, reliable water delivery. Its modular, cloud based architecture and pre-built use cases help utilities launch smart water initiatives quickly and cost effectively.


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