The ability to move citizens from one point to another is critical to the health and vitality of a city. However, as cities continue to grow at unprecedented rates, providing efficient, safe, and affordable public transportation is becoming increasingly difficult. Overcrowded buses, long wait times, missed connections, and empty seats are just a few of the challenges city government and public transportation planners must address, while contending with diminishing budgets and resources.

Tata Consultancy Services' (TCS') unique cloud-based Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) Solution - Urban Mobility helps cities improve their transportation and mobility services while reducing operational costs and increasing revenue. The integrated Intelligent Urban Platform collects and analyzes all types of data—from networks, sensors, telematics, open city data, structured and unstructured, internal and external—for real-time, actionable insights that help city administrators and transportation operators keep their cities moving efficiently and safely—today and in the future.


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