Communications service providers (CSPs) contend with growing consumer expectations - the ability to share experiences in real-time via social media, customized products and services, and a unified experience across engagement channels. This entails significant investments in network infrastructure, even as revenues from traditional sources such as voice calls and landlines erode. With growing competition from non-traditional service providers and over-the-top players, and data service price wars, CSPs need to drive higher customer loyalty to sustain revenue.

Leveraging advanced analytics, our Customer Intelligence & Insights (CI&I) solution for Communications provides deep, cross-product insights into customers' usage patterns, service experience, and expectations. Our solution generates a 360-degree view of individual customers, enabling CSPs to offer more relevant, personalized services. Our CI&I solution for Communications can drive monetization of network data; with deeperunderstanding of customer behavior, CSPs can reduce churn, increase brand engagement, and maximize each customer's lifetime value.


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