DS&S offering revolves around two solutions


Customer Intelligence & Insights (CI&I)

Customer Intelligence & Insights (CI&I) is fully integrated, licensed customer and operational analytics software designed specifically for retail, banking, and communications companies.

CII collects and analyzes large volumes of data-both structured and unstructured-in real-time so you can deliver exceptional customer experiences at every step of the customer journey, quickly and cost effectively.


Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX)

Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX) is an integrated, cloud-based software product that enables Big Data- and IoT-based applications for transportation, water, energy, and other governmental functions. 

IUX is built for cities and their partners to collect and analyze historical and real-time data from a wide array of sources-networks, sensors and actuators, systems, social media, open city data, and others-to improve planning, operations, and service delivery.

The modular, scalable IUX architecture offers out-of-the box applications for transportation, water, and energy, with additional applications to be added for city commerce, open government, and others.